Green Mujahideen Birds!

Sahih (authentic) Muslim, book 20, Number 4651:
It has been narrated on the authority of Masruq Who said:

We asked 'Abdullah about the Qur'anic verse: "Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they are alive, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord." (iii. 169).

He said: We asked the meaning of the verse (from the Holy Prophet) who said:

The souls, of the martyrs live in the bodies of green birds who have their nests in chandeliers hung from the throne of the Almighty. They eat the fruits of Paradise from wherever they like and then nestle in these chandeliers.

Once their Lord cast a glance at them and said: Do ye want anything? They said: What more shall we desire? We eat the fruit of Paradise from wherever we like. Their Lord asked them the same question thrice. When they saw that they will continue to be asked and not left (without answering the question). they said: O Lord, we wish that Thou mayest return our souls to our bodies so that we may be slain in Thy way once again.

When He (Allah) saw that they had no need, they were left (to their joy in heaven).

Oh wow! You get to be a mujahideen bird! (a green one that is)'s the dream of everyone...what more can you ask for?

...I have a feeling that something important is missing...Huh! No 72 virgins for them? Looks like their bird brain won't be able to figure it out anytime soon.
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Does hijab protect a woman?

The extent of Hijab is entirely based on subjective interpretation of islamic religious text. From veiling of entire body to just wearing the headscarf - it generally depends on conservative mindset of the muslim society.

Islamic apologists argue for hijab to be implemented either by force or by choice of the individual...which also depends on the liberal or strict interpretation of religious rules. They frequently justify covering of women by saying it prevents sexual harassments or rape.

But is it really the case? Does hijab protect women from sexual harassment or rape?

I think a woman who wears hijab can be more provocative to them, The more covered up you are, the more interesting you are to them.

I feel like with the hijab, it makes them wonder, What are you hiding underneath?

These are the words of two egyptian women among many, Sayed and Mohammed both are victims of sexual harassment despite wearing full body hijab and burqas. Another incident, also occured in Egypt in which a veiled woman got kidnapped & gang-raped. Another muslim woman's perspective and real life experiences which show clearly that this is an entirely false idea that hijab or burqa, in any way, prevents sexual harassment or rape of women.

Wearing sexy/tight/skimpy clothing facilitates rape? Only attractive/young women get raped? Only violent/stranger/thugs are rapist?

Short answer is: NO

Rape Myths & Facts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

I think brainwashing and forcing little girls to wear any kind of hijab such as headscarf is a type of religious child abuse. I also think it is a political weapon for islamists.

*In the photo: fully veiled afghan women showing their identity cards.
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50 reasons to reject Evolution

On the left...Chimpanzee, on the right...Human.

One of them was made in an extra-dimension seperately by a supernatural eternal being that demands worship.

The other one — is just an animal.

"50 Reasons I Reject Evolution" written by Bobbie-the-Jean is a funny read which goes on to show how stupid the evolution deniars are.

It seems like those who reject evolution...need it the most.
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The philosophy of Matrix

I have been reading this amazing philosophy paper which describes the The Matrix as Metaphysics. You can click on the author's name and read his other articles too.
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Wow! What an astounding picture! Our earth feels like ridiculously insignificant in front of this rich vastness. I'm sure many of you space enthusiasts would like to use it as a wallpaper or print out to stick it on the wall of your room.

File: National-Geographic-Milky-Way-reference-map1.jpg
Resolution: 6000×3887
Size: 12.0 MB
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Syed Abu Ala Moududi, the 20th century Islamic scholar and the founder of Jamaat-e-islami, explicity confirmed and endorsed pedophilia in Islam. He did not waste time beating around the bush in this subject matter like many modern muslims try to do.

...Therefore, making mention of the waiting-period for the girls who have not yet menstruated, clearly proves that it is not only permissible to give away the girl in marriage at this age but it is also permissible for the husband to consummate marriage with her.

Now, obviously no Muslim has the right to forbid a thing which the Quran has held as permissible.

Source: Towards Understanding the Quran - Quran Translation Commentary - Tafheem ul Quran, commentary of verse 65:4.
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The holy Moby Dick!

Scientific miracles mentioned in Moby dick that cannot be told by a human decades ago.

Those scientific miracles are being confirmed today by the scientists.

Osteoporosis: "It was in Queen Anne's time that the bone was in its glory" [..] (Chapter lxxv - THE RIGHT WHALE'S HEAD - CONTRASTED VIEW)

Evolution: "That all creatures of the land are of their kind in the sea"[...] (Chapter lviii - BRIT)

Red Nebula: "Stubb longed for vermillion star" [...]

Big Bang: "and the ball, and the explosion; so the graceful repose of the line" [..] (Chapter lx - THE LINE)


The word IRON appears 85 times. The word METAL appears 10 times.


Atomic Number of Iron = 26, Atomic Weight = 55, Total Isotopes = 14,

Word construct appears 1 time,
Word Create appears 1 time,
Word Water appears 5 times,
Word Air Appears 2 times

Hydrogen Atomic Nubmer = 1, Oxygen Atomic Nubmer = 8

Today, scientists tell us, both hydrogen and oxygen combines to gives us water. MIRACLE!
And many assasination were predicted in the holy Moby Dick:

How could have Herman Melville (PBUH) known this scientific facts? Unbelievers will tell you that it's all by chance - they're too blind to see the miracles !!

Do not forget to check out the scientific miracles in De Rerum Natura and in Vigril's Georgics.
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Cousin marriage in Islam

Islam permits cousin marriage. Cousin marriage was prevalent in ancient arabia and later it has become widespread among muslims because of tacit support in Islamic doctrine.

Islam's prophet Muhammad himself hoped to marry his first-cousin Fakhitah (later better known as Umm Hani), who was the daughter of his uncle (father’s brother) Abu Talib and the elder sister of Ali. To his disappointment Abu Talib refused permission, and Umm Hani was married off to a maternal cousin instead. After the death his first wife Khadijah, Muhammad married other women, including two of his own cousins, both daughters of his father’s sisters – Umm Salamah (the daughter of his aunt Atikah), and Zaynab bint Jahsh (the daughter of his aunt Umaymah). Umm Salamah was his 6th choice of wife, and Zaynab his 7th.

Muhammad's own daughters all married cousins for their first husbands. Zaynab married a maternal cousin, his daughters Ruqaiyyah and Umm Kulthum married the sons of his paternal uncle Abu Lahab, and his daughter Fatimah married her second-cousin Ali, the son of his paternal uncle Abu Talib.

Marrying close relatives such as cousins is considered act of incest in many cultures throughout the world. In addition to that, offsprings produced in this kind of marriage have high chance of death and genetic disorders.

The problem persists predominantly in muslim communities where cousin marriage is frequent and prefered.

According to a global report on birth defects which was conducted in 2006, the following mainly Muslim countries are the ones most affect by birth defects per 1000 live births:

1. Sudan 82.0/1000
2. Saudi Arabia 81.3/1000
3. Benin 77.9/1009
4. Burkina Faso 77.0/1000
5. Palestinian territories 76.6/1000
6. United Arab Emirates 75.9/1000
7. Tajikistan 75.2/1000
8. Iraq 74.9/1000
9. Kuwait 74.9/1000
10. Afghanistan 74.8/1000
11. Oman 74.8/1000
12. Syria 74.3/1000
13. Pakistan 73.5/1000
14. Nigeria 73.5/1000
15. Kyrgyzstan 73.4/1000
16. Qatar 73.4/1000
17. Bahrain 73.3/1000
18. Jordan 73.1/1000
19. Libya 73.0/1000
20. Tunisia 72.7/1000
21. Morocco 72.3/1000
22. Yemen 72.1/1000

Some articles that address this issue:

1. Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society.

2. Genetic disorders in the Arab world.

3. Inbreeding: A huge Muslim problem.

4. The Richest, Fattest Nation on Earth: obesity, diabetes & genetic disorders among Qataris.

5. Muslim inbreeding causing surge in birth defects.

6. Cousin marriage becoming more estranged among British-born Pakistanis.
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Aisha was immature girl when Muhammad had consummated the marriage (i.e. had sex) with her.

I'm going to prove this by refering to a Hadith from Sahih (authentic) Bukhari.

Sahih Bukari, book 48, hadith number 829 is a long hadith. This hadith describes the missing necklace incident which happened approximately 5 A.H. Same incident also described in hadith number 805 of the same book. I'm going to quote just the relevant part of it:
...'Ali bin Abu Talib said, 'O Allah's Apostle! Allah has no imposed restrictions on you, and there are many women other than she, yet you may ask the woman- servant who will tell you the truth.' On that Allah's Apostle called Buraira and said, 'O Burair. Did you ever see anything which roused your suspicions about her?' Buraira said, 'No, by Allah Who has sent you with the Truth, I have never seen in her anything faulty except that she is a girl of immature age, who sometimes sleeps and leaves the dough for the goats to eat.'

Burayra explicitly states that Aisha was a girl of immature age, and further notes that Aisha was neglectful, forgetful and naïve when it came to her chores, falling asleep and letting animals run amuck. She was still described well after her marriage as a young, neglectful, forgetful, naïve girl of immature age who was "too simple-minded to deceive her husband". Far from a psychosocially mature adult, Aisha is described post-consummation as a psychologically immature girl.

[note: Muhammad's migration to the city of Yathrib (from Mecca to Medina) is an event known as the Hijrah. After that, muhammad had a mosque built, after which he consummated his marriage with Aisha. According to biography Muhammad (.pdf) written by Martin Lings, the consummation occurred two months subsequent to the completion of the mosque, which means that any mention of the mosque in Islamic holy literature is de facto set (chronologically speaking) either immediately (up to two months) before the consummation occurred, or some time after it. Various islamic sources set the date of consummation withing two years after Hijrah.]

In this Hadith the original arabic words that are used for girl of immature age, as: ﺍﻟﺠَْﺎﺭﻳَِﺔِ ﺍﻟْﺤﺪَِﻳﺜﺔﺍﻟﺴﻦَِ ِِّّ
(jariyathil hadeethaathil sanna). In Arabic, the phrase “jariyathil hadeethaathil sanna” literally means “pre-pubertal girl of new/recent/young age”.

The word ﺟﺎﺭﻳﺔ (jariya) has several meanings. It means a pre- pubertal girl, a young woman, a singer, slave girl/woman, concubine, or maid and even an old woman. During that time Aisha was a wife of Muhammad so, only one can fit Aisha which is pre-pubertal immature girl.

Explanation of ﺟﺎﺭﻳﺔ ‎: If the text is indeed historic the term would generally mean just "girl", she may or may not be a servant or a slave but that is not what the term indicates. In historic texts, such as in Hadeeths, it means a girl before the age of maturity. Slave was referred to as (Amma) ﺃﻣﺔ, and servant as ﻣﻮﻻﻩ (mawllah). If your text is religious and ancient, you'll have not to confuse between these terms, because some hadeeths are interpreted incorrectly because of that confusion such as the hadeeth of the insane girl that took the prophet (pbuh) by hand, she is referred to as "ﺟﺎﺭﻳﺔ ﺧﺮﻗﺎﺀ" which actually means a little girl and not a mature bondswoman, that's why the prophet (Pbuh) allowed her to hold his hand. (source).

The word Jariya always comes with the notion of some kind of restriction. In case of a female if she is immature (mentally and physically). In case of an adult female if she is a slave (therefore has limited rights) and in case of old female who can not do things or move around because of her old age. See also lane's lexicon.

Therefore, the word Jariya in Aisha's case means a girl who is immature i.e. a child.
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Muslims frequently like to quote positive comments about Islam and Muhammad said by famous people. Now let us read some quotes which muslims avoid.

Voltaire - one of the greatest philosophers of all time says this in his play Le fanatisme, ou Mahomet le Prophete [The complete works of Voltaire, Volume 20, Part 2 (rough translation)]
But that a camel trader causes a tumult in his little hole; that he associates with some of his unfortunate neighbors and wants to make them believe that he was talking to the archangel Gabriel; that he brags to have been carried away to heaven where he received a part of that indigestible book which makes the common sense shudder at every page; that, in order to make that book respected, he carries iron and fire all over his country; that he strangled the fathers, abducts the daughters and leaves to the vanquished only the choice between death and his faith, this is certainly something, that no human can excuse, unless he has been born as a Turk and superstition has smothered every natural light inside of him.

Alexis-Charles-Henri Clérel de Tocqueville - the french political thinker and historian said in his book The Tocqueville reader: a life in letters and politics (Page 229)
I studied the Koran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad. As far as I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the Muslim world and, though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion more to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to paganism itself.

David Hume, the eminent Scottish historian and philosopher, in his book, Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects: Essays, moral, political [Page 226] said:
The admirers and followers of the Alcoran insist on the excellent moral precepts interspersed through that wild and absurd performance. But it is to be supposed, that the Arabic words, which correspond to the English, equity, justice, temperance, meekness, charity were such as, from the constant use of that tongue, must always be taken in a good sense; and it would have argued the greatest ignorance, not of morals, but of language, to have mentioned them with any epithets, besides those of applause and approbation. But would we know, whether the pretended prophet had really attained a just sentiment of morals?

Let us attend to his narration; and we shall soon find, that he bestows praise on such instances of treachery, inhumanity, cruelty, revenge, bigotry, as are utterly incompatible with civilized society. No steady rule of right seems there to be attended to; and every action is blamed or praised, so far only as it is beneficial or hurtful to the true believers.

Scottish essayist and historian Thomas Carlyle (Taken from Page 45 "Islam the basics" by Colin turner) said,
A wearisome confused jumble...endless iterations, long-windedness, entanglement; most crude, incondite-insupportable stupidity, in short.

The entire point of this post is to present the appeal to authority fallacy. The very purpose of the presentation of these quotations is to show that many people with anti-islamic opinions can also be quoted thus such (pro-islamic) quotes have no value in determining the authenticity of Islam. Instead, we must refer to evidence and arguments rather than people's opinion and authority.
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