After some hardcore thinking for couple of months, I suddenly realized that I just can not afford to let these precious thoughts slip away only to find myself frantically searching and trying to remember those tiny bits of self-realization all over again.

This is a blog to reflect the Liberal, Free-thinking views, to express rational and skeptical opinions and to criticise religion, dogma, superstition, anything that could be perceived as irrational, illogical and against human rights.

I, the author of this blog, is an ex-muslim atheist. So you'll find more stuff against Islam than say... christianity or other religions along with philosophical musings. I consider myself a born skeptic & proud infidel who is against all ideologies, religious or secular, that tend to violate free speech and human rights.

This blog is also a collection ground for links, articles and resources from all over the internet that I deem valuable for debate and discussions. Browse the materials and post your views which I'll be pleased to hear from you dear readers. Peace.