Ex-atheist found god

Atheist is too broad a term to define it narrowly. It would be perfectly ok for an atheist to believe in ghosts, werewolf, miracles and the other supernatural phenomena as true. All he needs to be an atheist is to reject the notion of god. An atheist lacks belief in god. Nothing more, nothing less.

An atheist can be a rational or an irrational person. That means he can have certain beliefs that completely go against science and logical reasoning. Yet it will be perfectly ok for him to declare himself an atheist simply because he does not recognise a traditional theistic god.

One may wonder, how come an illogical person, who is comfortable enough to believe myths and superstitions of various nature, rejects the notion of god - which is equally mythical, superstitious and illogical idea? Well, there are, of course, various reasons. The first that comes to my mind is: they usually get fed up with their current religion upto such an extent, they simply abandon it to get rid of all the baggage which comes with it.

Another one may be that they really do not have much interest in god like ideas and remain ignorant throughout their life because of this lack of curiosity.

Sometimes in a debate with religious people, theists over-enthusiastically confront us with exasoler of ex-atheist converted to the religion of that theist. So theists think, these events have great potential against an unsuspecting atheist to attack, convince or at least put him off balance. What the theist fail to realize is, atheism is too broad a term to have a narrow definition to begin with. Any superstitious or indifferent atheist who converts to a new religion, simply adds one more superstition to his already flawed system of understanding.

I'd like to ask such an ex-atheist to answer this simple question to which he presumably has an answer.

Where is the evidence of your God?

From his/her answer, a rational person would quickly realize, that s/he doesn't have one. Because he wasn't a rational person to start with. Most likely the ex-atheist would start to spew same old anecdotal gibberish in defence of his new found fath.

One thing for sure, you'll always find flaws in the rationale of theist no matter how well versed it is. Because it takes a leap of faith to believe in a religious god. For the abrahamic god, a massive one is needed.
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