Our Universe came from where?

It seems that god believing folks just can't imagine something acausal. It always has to be god. But for a moment let's say god created energy. What god is made of? If god is made of energy then can energy create energy? If god is energy then from where this energy came in the first place? If god is an unknown entity made of unknown things created energy.....then creation implies time. Any thing that was not there. A cause appeared, followed by effects. Effect is a series of events then result. This whole process indicates time. Causality can not exist if t= 0. God must include himself under time dimension to create something. How? Now don't answer "i don't know."

But the above "theory" is invalid as long as we can structure a plausible scientific theory.

Where did energy came from? The net energy of universe is zero. So there's no extra energy. BUT quantum mechanics proved that energy can come out of nowhere. In quantum chromodynamics virtual gluon particles appear out of nowhere and then disappear again. The gluon particles are responsible for carrying strong nuclear force around quarks and bind them to create hedrons. Also proton's mass almost entirely comes from these virtual gluon particles. That means matter as we see it comes from nothing.

The above theory not only proved by theoretical physics using mathematics, but also by practical experiments. Casimir effect proves quantum fluctuation occurs in a complete vacuum. Virtual particle virtual anti-particle occurs, reacts and then quickly annihilates. First they occur by "borrowing" energy then when they annihilate, they give energy back. This may sound like violation of energy conservation law but this happens only in a fraction of time. Furthermore Hiesenbergs uncertainty principle allows this. The uncertainty principle also explains why there is something rather than nothing. As something is "more stable" than nothing.

Something can easily come from [nothing]....or in other words, something can appear to exist from non-existence if it is uncaused. If it is uncaused then it doesn't need a priori existence. Interview with Particle physicist: Victor Stenger says quantum fluctuation can give rise of false vacuum of spacetime from a true vacuum [nothingness]. Apparently, NASA's website also endorses this notion. See the footnote. Now why would they publish it if this appearance of false vacuume from true vacuum notions were unscientific? Who knows what will scientific experiments discover tomorrow. But for now, we have good natural explanations of the origin of universe. Just because we don't know how exactly universe was created, that doesn't mean we have to resort to god of the gaps.

So, the universe could come from quantum fluctuations. These are views of leading cosmologists including Stephen Hawkings. As you can see a great deal of research has been done and research is continuous. This theory is more plausible and "realistic" [although the world of sub-atomic particle seems unrealistic to ordinary people] than say, god created universe theory.

Energy-time uncertainty leads to fluctuation of vacuum energy. In a large part of empty space, average energy is Zero. But when you "zoom in" and see a quantum part of empty space - we can see energy fluctuating around zero. At the time of spike, energetic virtual particle , anti-particle pair appear. This means energy came out of nowhere. But that particle anti-particle pair quickly annihilate each other and gives back the energy. All this happens under planck time. Empty space is a sea of bubbling virtual particles coming in and out of existance all the time. This is quantum fluctuation. So you can say, virtual particles contribute to fluctuation in vacuum energy or you can say vacuum energy fluctuates and gives rise to virtual particle.

But real fact it, these are quantum mathematical equations that we express linguistically to get a picture in our head. This is how I understand quantum fluctuation.

Now from where this energy originates? Whats the source of this energy or what causes this fluctuation of energy or winking of virtual particles? Or what causes quantum fluctuation? As it seems quantum fluctuations are uncaused. It is proven that there is no local hidden variables or unknown reason for virtual particles to appear out of nowhere.

Something randomly without any cause appearing out of nothing. We know our universe is expanding. New Space is appearing between galaxies and galaxies getting further apart every moment. Space appears out of nothing, vacuum Energy appears out of nothing (in short time so that they don't violate energy conservation law), virtual particles appear out of nothing. All without any hidden cause. Amazing isn't it?
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