Embryology miracle in Quran - Destroyed!

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  • This video comparing contemporary Greek science with Quran is enough to destroy the whole scientific miracle completely. This is the first time it has been proven that one of Muhammad's companion Nafi Ibn Al-Harith had studied greek medicine. Greek Embryology in the Koran.
  • The Rationalizer quotes from Keith Moore's book that the embryological development is simultaneous which was also confirmed by PZ Myers. While the Quran denotes sequence with delay which is proven without doubt using Lane's Lexicon classical arabic dictionary. World famous embryologist PZ Myers proves the Quran is man made
  • Another video which was the early response to the confrontation where it is shown how Hamza got DEBUNKED
  • An investigative look at Dr. Moore's dubious presence - Who Is Dr. Keith Moore?. Also see a Wall Street Journal article on the whole Keith Moore convention stuff.
  • In this video the so called 3 veiled darkness claim of Quran is debunked. Embryology and the Koran(2 part video)
  • In this video, a historic background on the scientific knowledge of Middle-East can be seen.

  • A nice article exposing the myth of quranic embryology
  • Free Thought Mecca presentation Embryology in the Quran.
  • The embryology hub page in Wikiislam that contains detailed refutation.
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    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    Hello, may I suggest a couple of recent ones to add to your excellent list!

    This one is so good and so much original information it would also be a good thing to share / blog about in its own right:


    and this one (also much original info):

    <a href="http://quranspotlight.wordpress.com/articles/quran-hadith-talmud-galen>http://quranspotlight.wordpress.com/articles/quran-hadith-talmud-galen</a>

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry, but it was not able to convince me at all. Like I mean how do you call yourself skeptical and rational, if you are not able to research thoroughly.
    The image is clear. Thanks anyway for the compilation =)

    Edward Woodward said...

    Try TheRationalizer's video on Embryology too

    Muneeb Bajwa said...

    With the name of God the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful

    The Quran swears by destruction of stars and the subsequent formation of black holes to prove it is sent by God. (In 53:1 An oath by the destruction of stars is taken, In 56:75-76 An oath by the enormity of this event is taken, In 81:15-18 Formation of black holes which form after the destruction of giant stars and the fact that matter and light cannot escape is mentioned) - Below are the specific ayaat:

    53:1: By the star when it Hawa (destructs, blows up)

    53:2: Has neither Dalla (gone astray), Your Companion (Muhammad Blessings and Peace of God be upon him) nor Ghawa (nor is being misled)

    53:3: Nor does he speak from Hawa (emotion)

    53:4: It is not but a Wahi (revelation, inspiration) Yuha (revealed, inspired)

    56:75: Fa (So) La (No), uqsimu (I swear, I take an oath) by the mawaq'i (occurrences, events) of the Nujuum (stars)

    56:76: And indeed, it is surely an oath - if you knew - Azeem (tremendous, A supernova is a tremendous event during which more energy may be released than the Sun will in its entire life span)

    56:77: That (this) is indeed a recital Kareem (honorable, the Qur'an in Arabic).

    56:78: In a Book kept Maknoon (hidden).

    56:79: Which (that Book with God) none can touch but the Mutaharoon (purified, the angels, the book in which is pre-written everything that will occur)

    56:80: (It is) a tanzeel (sending down of revelation) from the Lord of the Alameen (human beings and Jinn (another creation given the gift of speech))

    56:81: Then is it to this statement that you are Mudhinoon (indifferent)

    81:15: Fa (So) La (No), uqsimu (I swear, I take an oath) by Khunnas (drawn together objects) (When a massive star destructs, it subsequently draws together i.e. 10 times the mass of the sun is drawn to within a 30 km diameter in the stellar category of black holes)

    81:16: Those that run (their courses) and Kunnas (sweep whatever is in their path, matter cannot escape)

    81:17: And the night as it us'us (the darkness of a black hole is different than regular darkness)

    81:18: And the light as it Tanaffus (As it gets pulled in, even light cannot escape)

    81:19: Verily, this is the Word (this Qur'an brought by) a messenger Kareem (honourable, Jibrael (Gabriel), from God to the last human messenger)

    81:20: (Who is) possessed of power and with the Owner of the Arsh (uppermost construction in heaven), Makeen (secure in position),

    81:21: Obeyed there (in the heavens) and Ameen (trustworthy)

    81:22: And your companion is not (at all) Majnoon (mad)

    81:23: And he has already seen him (Gabriel) in the horizon Mubeen (clear)

    81:24: And he (the last messenger) is not with the unseen Daneen (a with-holder, concealer of knowledge)

    81:25: And it (the Qur'an) is not the word of Satan, Rajeem (expelled from the heavens).

    81:26: So where are you Tazhaboon (going?)

    81:27: It (the Quran) is not except a remembrance for the Alameen

    81:28: For whoever wills among you that (he or she) Yastaqeem (stay straight, do what is right and avoid straying from what is right)

    81:29: And you will not, except (it be) that Allah wills - Lord of the Alameen.

    3:84: Say, "We have believed in Allah (God) and in what was sent down to us and what was sent down to Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma'il (Ishmael), Ishaque (Isaac), Ya'qub (Jacob), and Al-Asbat (the tribes from the twelve sons of Ya'qub), and in what was given to Musa (Moses) and 'Iesa (Jesus) and to the Nabbiyun (those who brought news of the unseen) from their Lord. We make no division between any of them, and we to (God) are Muslimoon (those who submit to God)".

    You may verify the words above using an arabic-english lexicon tyndalearchive.com/tabs/lane/ or www.studyquran.co.uk/PRLonline.htm or corpus.quran.com also quranic-wisdom.cu.cc

    NoDhimmi said...

    Whilst your arguments are very detailed and scrupulous, many Muslims will not have the mental capacity nor the impartiality to even consider them.

    Much simpler are ones that got me banned from an Islamic site- because they had no answers to give--

    1. Mediterranean/Atlantic argument
    Facile nonsense because the Koran refers to two seas, one sweet the other salt. Obvious question- which of these is 'sweet'?
    Answer- NEITHER. Gibraltar sill is totally irrelevant.

    2. Fresh water is less dense than oceanic salt water. Then, with millions of years of rainfall and river discharge, the 'inviolable barrier' of the Koran
    should mean that there ought to be an immense blanket of fresh water lying atop the world's oceans. THERE ISN'T.

    3. The Koran makes no mention of the water cycle- which the Greeks knew all about. No mention of evaporation to explain where atmospheric moisture is generated. No understanding of groundwater either, as you point out.


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