The black history of the Black Stone

For 40 years, the Black Stone in kaba, which is being kissed by millions of muslims, were once used as urinal by a muslim called Bin Hassan Al Qurmuti.

In the year 906 A.D. the leader of the Qarmatians, Abu Taher Bin Hassan Al-Qurmuti, led 700 horsemen into Mecca, massacred the Pilgrims, uncovered the Kaaba, and Urinated on it, took the black stone, and went over the top of the Kaaba and Said,
I am in God and God is in me. Where is your God? I am your great God. Where are the Birds of God (Tayr al ababeel) that protect the Kaaba? Where are the Stones of Fire (Hijara min sejeel)?

Ofcourse, we all are against the actions of the Qarmatians, for they killed many peaceful muslims and threw their bodies in the well of zamzam. The muslims didnt fight, because they believed in their allah to protect it, and another reason is that they said that Mecca was a place of peace.

The Poor muslims, were peaceful and having faith in Allah, and Allah stood watching his believers killed, his house (Kaaba) being urniated at, and his black stone hit by the sword of Abu Taher.

The muslims were praying to allah to kill those Qarmatians, but unfortunately, lives were lost , hopes were killed, and buildings ruined. Didnt Allah say,
I answer the prayer of whoever calls for me?

Where were you Allah, when all the muslims were trusting his power and putting their lives in his hands while they were slain?

Are we then still willing to believe in a God which promises to answer prayer and protect his holy house and save his believer, and YET he fails them in the Times they need him?

What a tragic story, a story that makes you cry, millions upon millions believe in a supernatural entity and depend on him for blessing them in their daily life, and YET he couldn't do a thing in a period where muslims lived in the dark under the mercy of the invaders.

Based on the above facts, Questions to Muslims:

  1. If you had the power to save these poor muslims, would you save them? If Yes, then you are more compassionate and better than your allah. And If No, then where is the mercy and compassion in your heart?
  2. Don't you dare tell me that allah was testing the muslim's faith. For how long muslim mind will continue to get brainwashed by ignorance? People were dying and they were in the protection of allah and next to his holy house, and muslims were believing that allah would send his birds of Hell to throw them with stones of Fire, and Yet not a single bird came. I wonder why.

The Qarmatians took the black stone to their country and kept it with them for over 25 years! Muslims at that time were weak and some came to offer money to Abu Taher in replacement of the black stone. Of course, Abu Taher rejected. After He died, and the Qarmatians became weak, the Muslims took it back.

While the black stone was with Abu Taher, He urinated on it and even more, and yet muslims today bow towards it and kiss it.

I hope you dear reader would ponder for a while on the Incident and imagine the event. See how hard it was on a people who trusted their god called Allah and he failed them in the times they needed him. Many muslims never heard this story, and when studying islamic history, muslim teachers would skip this black history of the black stone.

The account of sacking of Mecca, partial demolition of Kaaba, and removal of the Black Stone, and numerous sacrilegiously iconoclastic feats of Abu Tahir are all excerpts from Tajarub al-Ummam written by Ibn Mukouyah (ﺍﺑﻦ ﻣﺴﮑﻮﯾﻪ), a contemporary Persian historian, physician, and scholar who lived during the reign of Buyid dynasty (10th ce. AD). That historical juncture is particularly interesting because of a heavy rebound of Persian identity with strong anti- Islam sentiments. Actually, one of the reasons that the part of the Middle East to the east of Persia's heartland could not be Arabized is in fact due to the exploits of pro- Persian dynasties of Sammanids, Buyyids, Ziyarids and Saffarids. It is very understandable that Arab historians have felt reluctant in narrating these incidents, and the Qarmatians were later on defeated and given no quarter whatsoever to retell the story of their rebellious exploits.

(The sources of this historical event are plenty. History of Islam - Aldahabi, Sirah of the Nobles - Aldahabi, Beginning and End - Ibn Kathir, The Perfect in History - Ibn Al Atheer, The Bright Stars - Ibn Taghri birdi, Grace of the black stone and the Standing place of Ibrahim - Sa'ed Bakdash, Destruction of Kaaba - Mohammad shibani, Wakafat tarbawiya ma sirah nabawiya -Mohamad fareed.)
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    Anonymous said...

    You'd think a being that could create the universe in 8 or 6 thousand years (being that one day to Allah is a thousand years of what WE count), would have said "be" and brought His birds to protect His House that Muslims are forced to stick their patooties up in the air five times a day, EVERY day, as they worship it, I mean, "bow DOWN" to.

    Skeptic Mind said...

    Muslims are deluding none but themselves. Their imaginary desert deity is powerless.

    Appreciate your thoughtful comment.

    Aleph Tav said...

    The fact that the black stone is in pieces to the point where it had to be put together in a silver binding (now dark in color), is proof to me that this event took place. There was a time I used to think that if the Kaaba was struck with cruise missiles carrying pig poop for warheads, it might destroy Islam. But, since the Kaaba was destroyed, the black stone stolen, peed on, and shattered into pieces before being returned to Mecca, makes me think Islam would continue even AFTER a cruise missile carrying pig poo strike on it. That maybe, Muslims would even act like the zombies in World War Z and come at all those they thought might enjoy hearing about such destruction and defiling of Allah's House a SECOND time in history.

    Guy Fawkes said...
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    Guy Fawkes said...
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    Unknown said...

    May Allah SWT Guide this writer for indeed You are totally lost and is in plain error,I fear what you will face after death if you continue like this,Total ignorance

    Sarah Choudhary said...
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    Sarah Choudhary said...

    Allah is not responsible of saving stones. Just like sakina convent.. Solomon palace and much more..use your brain and act wise.

    Anonymous said...

    This event took place and still they kissing this stone because they always believed in idols. Actually they pray for mohamed a psycho, they follow his path: pedophilia zoophilia, necrophila and so much digusting things. they are so hypocrit such are they wifes wearing hijad but sodomized since their early age to stay virgin... God himself as to destroy it as they insult him each time a muslim is praying.

    Anonymous said...

    The whole story is base less. Even qramties believed on Allah.Though their believe changed as for as Haj is concerned.They be came non Muslims in the views of real Muslims.The black stone were taken with them as sign of Allah and they never disrespect the black stone. Lastly Allah arranged its return.This all happened because Muslims were drifting away from real Islam.As Jews last Tabooti sakina , and still trying to find it.

    robert reddy said...

    The invaders did a lot more then pee on that stone ,and now we know the kaba was not protected by allah as promised in the Quran. And today we find 31 different Qur'an's for sale in the world today. And the uthman manuscripts all corrupted by scribes especially the topcopy in turkey. We know Gabriel told Mary and joseph their son would be the son of god in the new testament bible. Does the Quran muhammad recited call . Gabriel a liar because the Koran denies this. So is the quran full of more lies from gabriel and obviously allah has not protected the Koran anymore then he protected the kaba.


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