The relativity of wrong

Many theists admit what they believe now can not be proven by current scientific knowledge. But they never forget to insist science will eventually discover their faith is true and whatever mythological objects, events or creatures they believe will be proved as facts in future.

Theists also balantly claim that there is no guarantee, whateve we believe to be fact today can be proved wrong tomorrow. So we can never be sure about what awaits us in the future.

Isaac Asimov explains how science works and clarifies all the above points.
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    Anonymous said...

    Light speed is not Constant (to observer) !!

    All that we receive with our eyes are the facts of the past (unchangeable). Wavelength of incident light is coming from the past. On incident light, a formula c = λ f stands up. And λ is unchangeable (by our motion). Terms f and c change.

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