Is allah perfectly just?

Allahs attributes as decribed in the quran leads to philosophical contradictions
Contradiction of "Allahs Justice" with "Eternal punishment":

1) Allah is perfectly just (i.e. he can never do injustice)

2) Allah will punish non-beleiver in hell forever

3) Concept of justice requires that Punishment be always propotional to the crime (i.e. greater the crime, greator the punishment for example it is unjust to give death penalty to a school child for not doing homework , identically it is unjust to punish a serial killer by simply hitting 5 times on the hand with a ruler like they do in school)

4) since unbeleivers will be punished in hell forever therefore they are being given unlimited punishment but from (3) unlimited punishment implies that they must have done an unlimited crime

5) since human beings are finite creatures they are by definition incapable of commiting an infinite crime. every action they do is finite and thus every crime they do (which is a subset of a actions) must also be necessarily finite

6) Thus no human being deserves infinite punishment (yes not even hitler as he only killed a finite number of people)

7) therefore Allah is unjust when he punishes unbeleivers hell forever

8) Therefore quran is false to describe allah otherwise and thus islam is false

So in summary it is unjust to punish anyone for infinite duration but since allah does that therefore by definition he cannot be perfectly just.

Thus showing that quran is wrong.
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