Heavens and Earth were joined together

Allah says in the Quran that, heavens and earth were joined together and he clove them asunder. While muslims try their best to protray this verse as nothing short of a brilliant scientific miracle, an indication of modern day Big Bang theory, a little honest research proves otherwise. A cocktail of ancient greek and hebrew creation myths plagiarised by muhammad as he slowly proceeded with his compilation work.

Euripedes (480 - 406BC): said,
Heaven and Earth were once one form..

Anaxagoras (500BC-428BC): wrote,
..all things were together...

Diodorus (1st century BC):
..all things at the first were jumbled together, heaven and earth were in one mass, and had one and the same from...

Hebrew Creation Myth:
God divided the light from the darkness. . . and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament

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Now, what al-Nadr used to claim makes sense,
And when Our verses, namely, the Qur’ān, were being recited to them, they said, ‘We have already heard! If we wish we can speak the like of this — al-Nadr b. al-Hārith said this, for he used to travel on trading business to al-Hīra, where he would buy books containing the tales of the Persians, and would recount these to the Meccans; this, Qur’ān, is nothing but the fables, the lies, of the ancients’.
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4 Responses to this post

    Anonymous said...

    Muhammad lives in dessert. He do not know how to read nor write. How could he possibly plagiarise this?

    created4el said...

    in response to the previous anonymous post... as if it is impossible to guess how an illiterate man could possibly plagiarize other ideas... was he also deaf and/or mentally incompetent to have a discussion with somebody and come up with ideas? If he could hear a conversation and reason then being illiterate is irrelevant. Now if you asked how can a deaf, mentally retarded man, who is obviously illiterate because of his deafness and mental retardation, come up with the Quran, I'd say it must be a miracle from God... but for an illiterate man who is otherwise intelligent, who came in contact with many people because he was a caravan trader and most probably exposed to many ideas... well let's just say I'd be surprised if such a man couldn't come up with such a document if that is what he really wanted to produce...

    Anonymous said...

    To you who wrote this article: you said:: "he was a caravan trader". Get your facts right before talking. How many time di Muhammad(SAW) did caravan trading??

    And of the other things in the Qur'an HOW is it that he heard Every single thing in the Qur'an and then elaborated it?

    Anonymous said...

    And also if what you say at the end is true: The Qur'an has an open challenge for you:: Make NOT a Book, but just a chapter like it and make 2 billion people to follow you.


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