Zakir Naik's islamic bomb!

The islamic bomb? More likely a Joker Nalaik bomb with warhead of blatant lies. This is another of Zakir Naik's blunders. He quotes in one of his answers,
Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson rightly says that People who worry that nuclear weaponry will one day fall in the hands of the Arabs, fail to realize that the Islamic bomb has been dropped already, it fell the day MUHAMMED (pbuh) was born

Actually the full quote is:
People who worry that nuclear weaponry will one day fall into the hands of radical Muslims fail to realize that the worst Islamic bomb has been dropped already. It fell the day Mohammed was born. For those who might think that this work is all doom and gloom, I will close with this sweet chorus of victory: Jesus Christ continues to be victorious and His followers continue to triumph in Him! Why not read His book (i.e., the Holy Bible) for yourself to find out how it all ends?

This quote is from the book "The Koran: Testimony of Antichrist" by Joseph Adam Pearson. The dedication of the book reads:
This work is dedicated to an untold number of persons who have already been — as well as those who are yet to be — terrorized and murdered by the workers of iniquity, chaos and destruction in the name of the false god Allah and his prophet Mohammed (cursed is his name forever).

Here is the book link in .pdf version.
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    Unknown said...

    I guess you gotta do more research yourself. Do not follow the church, follow the holy scriptures. The church is corrupt all it does is concoct things which are not of Almighty God.


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