What is Big Bang?

The Big Bang theory says nothing about the origin of the Universe.

BBT is the expansion of Universe from its earlier, hot, dense state.

1. The definition of Big Bang from NASA's website.

2. The big bang was NOT a fireworks display! It wasn't like a bomb explosion.

3. If the whole Universe is infinitely large now, then it was always infinite...including during the Big Bang as well !!

4. Sascha Vongehr explains the theory of Big Bang.

5. Evidence of the Big Bang with some yet to be resolved problems and their implications.
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    Unknown said...

    In 1998 I discovered my invention the "mass spin-valve" or "gravity rectifier" while working at the now non-existent disk drive test equipment manufacturer "Phase Metrics". I didn't figure out that my discovery involved gravity until recently after being unemployed for a long period of time so I can could more closely examine my data and read the research done by others. In March 2011 I filed a Provisional Patent Application and on 12/21/2011 I filed for a Utility Patent. I have a new energy technology; my invention is called the gravity rectifier. Here is the abstract to my Patent Application US 13/332,677.

    "This invention uses the fact that the gravity force is as strong as the electromagnetic forces; below one millimeter distance, and gravity propagates at a slower speed than electromagnetism. This Application is for a Utility Patent on the use of a type device the inventor characterizes as a “mass spin-valve” or “gravitational rectifier” which uses gravitational frame dragging to produce (1) an electric signal and/or (2) associated mechanical force, for (A) general use in surface characterization work and (B) power produced by the presence or the absence of matter on a spinning disk."

    Here is a link to my Essay written for the Gravity Research Foundation 2012 Awards for Essays on Gravitation: http://www.calfree.com/EssayonGravityRectifier1-18-12.pdf

    My theory is this, the universe is steady-state and the attached electromagnetic image of the cosmic background proves that fact. {see Cosmic Laue Pattern}http://www.sciencenews.org/view/access/id/66526/name/rc_Penrose_inside.jpg [I call it this because I see the structure of a [322] Laue Pattern using Bragg's equation in this image too]. The rings are visible because there are are two sides to the universe that are quantum entangled through the force of gravity; our normal 4-D universe with x, y, z, & T [Planck's Universe which follows the Standard Model]; and another dimensional domain for gravity where gravity propagates in several additional spatial dimensions that are large compared to the Planck scale [i.e., the ADD Universe].

    I believe that's because with a two sided universe our 4-D universe exists in a parabolic universe where depending on your position relative to the super massive black hole at the center of the universe [the focus] you will be accelerating or decelerating where [at our position] the relationship of mass to normal gravity is described by the relationship Bump Volume (um^3) = 6x(-Gf)^2 - 7x(-Gf) - 0.4 [where G is the force of Gravity] which is a parabolic function which has a real and imaginary factor.[See Fig.7 Essay]

    In the Anti-universe quantum entangled through the force of gravity as measured from our 4-D universe Anti-gravity exists in hyperbolic space with one real part and two imaginary factors [relative to us] described by the relationship Pit Volume (um^3) = -3000xGf^3 + 1000xGf^2 - 200xGf + 8. [See Fig.7 Essay] The existence of measurable anti-gravity proves the existence of this Anti-universe and that the Big Bang Theory is just plain wrong.

    If you can help me to solve the factors for these two equations to determine the factors to solve the dimensions of our 4-D Standard Model [parabolic] Universe and the dimensions of the ADD [hyperbolic] Universe I would be honored to work on a technical publication on this subject with you.

    On second thought maybe destroying the Big Bang Theory might be a career killer...your call.

    Are you up to the challenge?


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