Another ex-muslim Atheist facing persecution in Turkey

Non-muslims, Ex-muslims and Atheists are getting persecuted all over the world especially in muslim majority countries where blasphemy laws have been enacted by the muslims to stop any kind of criticism of Islam. Latest victim, Fazil Say an ex-muslim atheist from Turkey. Weren't we all quite sure of Turkey being the modern muslim secular democratic country? Well, guess we are wrong again just like we were about Indonesia and Malaysia.

And just like Hamza Kashgari, the Turkish pianist came under investigation over some harmless tweets. Surprising?...Hardly. Consider this verse from Quran:

Only recompense for those who wage war against allah and his messenger and strive in the earth spreading Fasad (mischief) is that they be killed or crucified or be cut off their hands and feet of opposite sides or they be exiled from the land, that is for them disgrace in the world and for them in the Hereafter is a punishment great.

I, as an ex-muslim know how dangerous it is to come out of the closet and declare yourself a Murtad in muslim countries. You risk losing not only your social but physical life as well. I wish Mr. Fazil all the best in his new life in Japan. At least he got the opportunity to move from the country and hopefully Japan would be the last country to extradite him like Malaysia for offending muslims.
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    Anonymous said...

    I hadn't heard of 'Murtad' before. Good luck to all those who are persecuted for their religion or lack of any. Such prejudice and hatreds prove that religion has nothing to do with morality.


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