What is Atheism?

Depending on the definitions of "god (G)" preferred by different theists, I could be labeled differently by different individuals. To understand how this may work check out other posts (Part 1, Part 2) in the series.

Consider the proposition: P = G exists.


Atheism is about belief claim. An atheist can simply lack belief/disbelive in G, Or he can proceed further to believe in lack of G. If he lacks belief in G then he is defined as an Atheist.

If I define theism as "with G" and atheism as "not with G" then, "not with G" can be of two types:

1. Lack belief in G. Which means a lack of belief in G. Can also be called Soft or Negative or Weak Atheism. Or Nontheism. Regarding the proposition that G exists, nontheist don't believe that P is true. This is the general type.

2. Belief in ~G. Which means a belief in the non-existence of G. Alternatively, a belief in lack of G. This is Hard or Strong or Positive Atheism or Anti-theism. Regarding proposition P, strong atheists believe P is probably false or false. This position is a special subset of the general one.

There are also Implicit and Explicit Atheism. Strong atheism is always explicit. Weak atheism can be:

> Weak Implicit Atheism: Lack of belief in G without a conscious effort.

> Weak Explicit Atheism: lack of belief in G with a conscious effort.

Of course Agnostic Non-theism is a preferable philosophical position in regard to G when this position is taken with a conscious effort. But one may ask, what about those atheists who live their lives as if certain types of Gods do not exist? This question is generally asked in regard to a specific type of God. Therefore, one might ask the question, an agnostic atheist who has belief in ~G, would you consider him dogmatic and his belief as faith, if his contingent belief is fueled with a high degree of confidence?

...and my answer for this...each & every time will be...NO. Since his belief is contingent and the probabilistic confidence depends on degrees of epistemic certainty which is not anything like faith.

So, I must emphasize again that, All atheists are, by definition, non-theists, they lack belief in Gods. Atheism is lack of belief. Among the atheists some are anti-theists which can't be compared with faith.
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