A list of unanswered questions

This is an incomplete list of questions on Islam. Muslims usually do not seem to have answers or become hesitant to give clearcut answers to these difficult but important questions.

Tell me one good thing that you learned from Islam which you would not have learned had you not been a muslim?

Tell me one moral action that a non-muslim is unable to do precisely because he doesn't believe in Islam?

Show me a photo of 9 year old girl that you're willing to have sex with?

If you love Muhammad so much, then would you do your prophet a sexual favour if he had asked for it? (it is a hypothetical question and no pun is intended)

Why sex with female slaves is not considered adultery in islam?

How many slaves can a muslim have? And why Muhammad practiced slavery?

Why are 4 wives allowed but 5 wives are forbidden?

Why this life is a test if the result is already known to omniscient allah?

What was the point for this God in creating the human race? Are we just for a bit of fun - a type of game or thought experiment for him?

If allah is perfect who has no needs then why did he create human beings to worship him?

Why does Allah hand out an infinite punishment for a finite crime? Is allah perfectly just?

Was there a time before the creation of Universe? What was allah doing before he created the Universe?

Why was the rest of the universe created when only sun and earth would be enough for Allah's stated purpose?

Why do muslims accept and attempt to show us that Quran confirms the Big Bang theory albeit most of them do not understand it?

Why don't muslims accept Evolution theory which they do not understand and reject it simply because evolution of human goes against the islamic creation story? If you accept evolution theory, how can you explain Hominid ancestors of modern human in light of islamic creation story where it says Adam had no parents?

Regarding the Quran, how do we decide which translation & understanding is correct?

Is their anyway of doing a textual analysis to see how accurate the final version of the Quran was to the original? Or are we simply left having to accept Uthman’s word for it?

A challenge from an Ex-muslim: Answer these questions and i'll convert back to Islam.

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4 Responses to this post

    Anonymous said...

    You give me an explanation of how we came about to exist then We'll answer those questions. The question about the existence of a Creator is the mainstay in the debate b/w theism and atheism. We have our own answers to the question, you bring yours; then we'll move on to the questions above. Because if I prove to you the existence of a Supreme Diety who created us, then all the above questions are automatically solved (because belief in a "Diety" means the existence of an Entity who is super-human and does not make mistakes).
    Plus, all your points and articles talk about things which have always been debated by humans since a long time in history. Each human being has hi/her OWN opinion, and surely not every one is right.

    Skeptic Mind said...

    For the sake of argument, let's agree that there's a supreme entity who created this Universe. Now, will you answer the questions asked in the above article? These questions are primarily focused on Islamic deity and Islamic theologic doctrine which could be asked by anyone - christians, hindus, jews, atheists.

    Anonymous said...

    Here are some more:
    - who decided that God will be god and we the creation?

    - isn't it unjust for god to put us here when we never choose to be here in the first place?

    -how come god qualified to be god? Is there a short course I can take to relieve him if he wants to take a vacation?

    Moji said...

    I could ask a difficult question like,imagine the unimaginable; the vast number of billions of billions of universes and tell me who is this God that could create all that, were did he got that power and how did he himself come to being. No, I am by nature a kind person. I ask rather this simple question: Allah has introduced himself at least in two instances with contradictory characteristic. 1- Why is it so? 2- Which one should Muslims believe in and why not the other one?


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